UMS Flag

The Official Flag of Microbia Designed by the President

The United Microbian States is a small country located on the floridian penninsula near the American city of Lithia. The country has 11 states and a population of more than 30 (33 estimated) who live inside Microbian territory.


The majority of UMS territory lies isolated by the residential community FishHawk. Across from the government house of Honor there is a empty lot currently being used for resource harvesting.


The UMS government is classified as a democratic trade despot as there is fairness and equality, no taxes so all income is from trade, and the governors and president have complete power over their territory (although they can hire advisors). Voting for major national laws, called additions, require 2/3 of the governor votes to be in favor of the action. This system is also inplace for ammendments to the constitution. When there is the election, which happens every 2 years, the governor which recieves the most votes is the victor. The governor's state becomes the capital state and the state's capital becomes the national capital. The current president was elected without an election due to him being the founder.


Macrostates (Signature "M")  are refered to as the official states. The governor gets a full vote and the citizen's majority vote gets 1/5 of a vote. In elections everyones vote is one. The president's state gets double the voting power.


Microstates (Signature "m") are not considered official states and are flagged as developing. These states get half the voting capability as a macrostate. Governors of microstates can run for president and can double their states voting to be have the capability of a macrostate. At any time, the microstate can have the governors vote on the upgrading of the state.


Territories (Signature "t") are simmilar to microstates but have no voting power and governors can't run for president.

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